Personal Blogs

This is just an excerpt from my personal blogs website. I have been experimenting with my blog web site and it is now split into various section but not split into themes so in terms of topics, it is running everywhere. The main section is located on proper paid server while several sub domains are spread out over several web services including one other paid server. So when it comes to navigating around my personal blog website, it is going to take some doing. No matter, Google has a very nifty search and I have placed the search box on the website for a quick search on any of the post that I have made. Google has one of the best search algorithms so it would make short work to find any good post including inane ones as well too! Heh, heh.

I have been blogging for many years now, with good long article posts as well as short quick post whether from my desktop PC or from my handy dandy mobile phone. Most of my mobile phone blogs are channelled to Blogger. Nowadays I got a choice between Blogger and Tumblr and Posterous too! So I just choose whichever takes my fancy while blogging on the go! Yeah!

If it is a photo blog it will most likely end up in Blogger coz the way Tumblr do not handle photo+text well together. The text part gets missing. As for Posterous, I'm still wondering what to do with it.

Meanwhile feel free to browse around and read any of the personal blogs post that I have made thus far. Some articles may be of interest so do keep a note out on some of my blog and perhaps sign up for the Feedburner RSS feed by email newsletter!