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This is personal homepage of Leow family where you can find posts and personal blogs and websites. Leow (廖) is my family surname and I'm third generation of my family who has come over from Hainan to reside in Malaysia.

For the surname Leow (廖) which is sometimes also spelled with this variation: Liao, Liau, Liaw, Leeau, Liow, Leaw, Leou, Lau, Loh, Liu, Lieu, Liew and Lew. How it is spelled will depend on the person listening and translating it phonetically to the Romanized form. In the olden days there was no fix rule as to how a Romanized Chinese word should be written down. Thus there is such a wide variety of spelling not just for my surname Leow (廖) but also for the various other Chinese surnames as well.

At least nowadays they use Han Yu Pin Yin that should provide better accuracy and some form of standardization to Romanized Chinese.

Even in my family, my uncle and relatives though from the same grandfather has different spelling of Leow. So I have cousins who are spelled with Leaw (廖) surname and so on and so forth. Sometimes I bump into people who has the same 廖 surname but spelled with Liao.

The Leow or Liao or better yet, 廖 surname is about 3,000 years old! I don't have that good a memory to go back so far in history. Even my grandfather's history is a little vague for me save those that were told by my father to me. Even then it wasn't really that much.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by the Leow family homepage! You are welcome to browse around and hope you find some information of interest!

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