About Leow.info

Another family related web site? I'm beginning to amass a few personal domain related my name. Sure why not. My brother says it just boost my ego. However internet seminar says it would be better if we have an online presence to actually grab a .com domain before anybody else gets it.

Well I wasn't quick enough and .com was already taken. I was too late for .net and .org and .biz don't fit into a family website, and a country specific TLD though available is a little too expensive to maintain. So .info then, and thus Leow.info was born!

I'm no celebrity so there is no need to buy up the leow.com domain name. No point. Besides if I ever do something about this site it won't be anytime soon.

So why a domain for with my surname? My idea was so my entire family could use it for their email and whatsoever. And another possibility is to create sub domain for each family in case they want a personal web site space for themselves. Whether they are keen or not so keen I just go get it first-lah! A .info isn't too terribly expensive to maintain. Just about US$10 a year. Although the .info don't look that pretty either.

Siapa cepat, sempat dapat. As they would say in Malay, sort of like the early bird gets the worm.

Anyhow, will just leave this as that and see how it goes. Perhaps there may be more future development for this Leow.info website if I ever get the bright spark to come up with something interesting for this family web site of mine.