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I have many websites. When you have been online for awhile you will tend to amass this kind of things much like in real life. A furniture here, a photography equipment there, an old lap over there rusting away, and if you got the good stuffs, an extra property along the way which you rent out for some passive income. Now isn't that great? Of course for websites, they are rather virtual. But they have their uses. I have personal blog sites which I use for blogging which at the same time I use to test and try out some open source software. I have hobby web sites which I use to blog about my hobby, and travel websites to blog about my favourite travel destinations which are mostly local places. It is a bit too much to blog about the entire world though! And of course web sites to complement your business activities.

So here goes my list:

Personal Web Sites - Personal Blogs - I got this many years ago, basically for blogging about everything. Also use it for experimenting with stuffs and such. After blogging for a long while I notice I tend to blog about technological stuffs, from tinkering with websites, computers gadgets and stuffs, with bits and pieces about health and fitness, baby stuffs, basically just about anything. The web site traffic is steady though I won't expect it to do well, after all personal blogs like this never did well in the internet. It just for interest and hobby so that's all it is going to be, pretty much like this website I suppose so too! - Jan Pages - It is nice to get really short URL and I suppose getting one that is also my name is sweeter still. Don't really know what to do with this domain. Since it is a country specific TLD this domain name ain't cheap when it come to yearly renewal. I just have to think of something to do with it, just like this web site too!

Travel Destinations Web Sites

I love to travel, so does my missus, basically I have two main theme, the extra domain for Cameron Highlands is just to expand on the same theme. So here goes: - My first most successful website about travel destination. Took me a long time to build this website up and worth every bit of effort place in it. Most of my readers says this is the best website about this highland and judging with the other rivals around the net, I should think so too! Just go to keep on chugging along to build it up further. Put on my thinking cap and see what else I can expand on this favourite holiday destination of mine. I have 5 other companion website to this. No need to list out-lah! Just visit my main one will do! - Tourism Malaysia Travel - Decided to give the entire Malaysia travelogue sector a try. Not so easy. Topic too big and broad. Would keep me occupied for a very long time. See some very good traffic too! Unfortunately due to time constraint I may not be able to expand it as much as I hope I could. So going to take the tortoise route for this travel web site.

Hobby Web Sites

Photography Basics - yep, got my digital SLR, but having the best photography equipment doesn't mean you get the best photos. I do get nice photos from my point-and-shoot compacts and occasionally from my mobile phone camera too! Thought I start a website about basic photography. But it was getting very technical and I was losing steam to update this site. Still whatever that I wrote it is still good stuff!

Wedding-Photos - and my brother-in-law rope me in to do some wedding reception photography. Well I tag along but this work is way too tiring! Returns do not match the effort put in. Anyway his other business is shooting off and I got less time for this kind of wedding photo excursion. Still keeping this domain though, perhaps I might blog something about wedding photos someday.

Business Web Sites

Web sites for business are a must nowadays. They really help to compliment your work. If your company don't want to set up one, you can set up on your own and use it to get your sales inquiry. And if your boss being nosy as they usually are, ask you where you get your inquiry, you answer, from customer referral-lah! Actually customer referral is also very powerful and you should develop that aspect to get sales too. I hate cold calling. I'm sure you do too!

Soho Home Business - I thought I start a blog about doing home business. Then realised this niche is not a niche. There just way too many business websites out there! So really wasted my efforts here. Left it as that. Won't get much traffic and thinking what to do with it... - ya, ya, I wanted a .com but it was already taken. Could be the name sound really nice even though not many people will search for this name. This site is to compliment my work. So wish me luck!

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